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James and Alice
Sujith Vasudev Prithwiraj, Sai Kumar, Vijaya Raghavan,Sijoy Varghese, Karamana Sudheer, Vedhika, Manju Pillia, Baby Emine Salman and Kishor Satya James is a well trained artist and corporate filmmaker with advertisements and his wife Alice works in a bank. They get married against Alice's father's wish due to his lack of career, but since then have lead successful marriage for seven years and has a child out if it. However the seven-year itch starts with both of them focused on their respective careers. Their busy lifestyles and misunderstandings results in filing a divorce. A day before divorce, James meets with a freaky car accidident in coma and James hallucinates St.Peter's presence and both of them reviewing his life; his mistakes and the changes he could've done. Alice decides to remove James from the ventilator. Alice and her daughter say good bye and leaves, when at the same time death gives James another chance at life. Movie finishes years later at an open air gallery showing his daughter's work who has grown up. I have depicted as Dr.Alexander, co-brother of James in this movie. The Movie was released on 5th May 2016-09-19
Jeethu Joseph Prithwiraj, Balachandra Menon,J.P,Pasupathi, Ershad, Neeraj Madhav, Ansen, Tony Luke, Dinesh Nair, Divya Pillai, Seetha, Rasana and Kishor Satya. It is the story of Surya and his revenge against his family’s ill fate. Surya as the son of a health inspector Krishnamurthy had striven hard for his family and is working in the United States, he returns to the homeland for a two-month vacation. A devastating incident takes place and with the aid of his gadget skills he gets even with people who caused this in a spuriously dramatic and vengeful narrative. I played the role of Partha Sarathi I.P.S, City Police Commissioner of Coimbatore and the brother of Heroine too. She also joins hand with Soorya for the revenge drama as she also lost his brother along with Soorya’s Family. The movie released on 8th September 2016.
Nishant Pillai. Dinesh Panicker, John Jacob, Kishor Satya This is a 42 minute film which is touted as a techno thriller narrating the other sides of techies. I’m playing Anandan ,who is a problem solver in the techies group who help them to unveil the mystery of the plot.
Bicycle Thieves
Written and directed by Jis Joy. Asif Ali, Aparna Gopinath, Aju Varghese, Saiju Kurup, Vijay Babu, Kishor Satya etc. The movie plots the story of ,Chacko (Asif Ali) who lost his parents pretty early in his life and after years of struggle, he ends up with a gang of friends who steals bicycles for a living. Their fate changes when they try to upgrade their standards by aiming for more. My character is a private banker who is always trying to cheat his clients and end of the day, as usual punished by the hero.
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus
Written by Benny P Nayarambalam and directed by
Mamooty, Siddique, Vijay Raghavan, Honey Rose, Rejith Menon, Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Kishor Satya etc. 'Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus' tells the story of a "thug" named Cleetus (Mammootty) who is asked by a parish priest, who does not know about his background, to play the role of Jesus Christ in a play. During the film, events in the life of Cleetus start to mirror events portrayed about Jesus' life in the Bible.And i potryed the character of Savichan, one of the antiheroes opposite to the protagonist.
Paisa Paisa
Director : PRASANTH MURALI Indrajith, Mamtha Mohandas,Daniel Blaji, Ajju Varghese,Dinesh Panicker, Dinesh Nair and Kishore Satya etc 'Paisa Paisa' plots how money changes the life of the characters. Indrajith, an ad film maker who has been separated from his wife,Mamta Mohandas recently. It is at the time when these two plans for reconciliation that Indrajith gets the phone call of Ajju seeking his help. The husband and wife try to help his friend. But, though not a huge sum of money, Indrajith is not able to get the amount enough to help his friend. I play the role of Roy a close friend of Indrajith.
The City of God
Written by Babu Janardhan Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissey
Cast.Prithwiraj, Indrajith, Swetha Menon, Rima Kallingal, Parvathy, Jagadeesh, Rohini, Sreehari and Kishor Satya etc.
The film City of God, I can say an experimental film in Malayalam Film Industry. This film narrates three different stories interlinked in a single film.Lijo Jose Pellissery is the director and scripted by prolific writer Babu Janardhan. I’m cast in a very different role which is a challenging one in performing too .Mehaboob,a rich young guy kicked out from the family after his love marriage with a serial artist Surya Prabha(Rima Kallingal) turned to be an easy going lazy guy who enjoy life with wine always.
The Thriller.
Written and directed by B.Unnikrishnan
Prthwiraj,Lalu Alex,Jagathy Sreekumar,Sidhique,
Vijayaraghavan,Sambath,Anad, Pnkaj Kapoor , Dinesh Pnicker, (late)Subair, New Face Prajan and Kishor Stya.
This film would be based on a mid night road side murder that was committed in the state recently. The film would be an investigative thriller and Prithvi would be playing a cop. I act as the yielder brother of the victim in the film.
Keralolsavam 2009
Sankar Panicker
written By Vinu Narayanan
Vinu Mohan, Kishor Satya, Sarath, Nedumudi Venu, Ganesh Kumar, Salim Kumar, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Vishnu Priya and Kalabhavan Mani etc
Keralotsavam is a family entertainer with shades of a suspense thriller too. This film tries to throw some light into the evil minds of extremists. This is relevant at this time as there is a lot of news about terrorism and its wild face now in God’s own country too. I was portraying the character of a terrorist named Salim Mubarak, who was more attracted not to their activities but for the money.
Rahasya Police
K.Madhu Written by S.N.Swamy
Jayaram,Jagathy Sreekumar, Ganesh Kumar,Riyas Khan,Suraj Venjarammodu, Sudheesh, Sindhu Menon, Samvrutha Sunil, Ananaya and Kishor Satya
When it comes to suspense thrillers or investigative movies in Mollywood, there are no other names than that of K Madhu and S N Swamy combo, which flashes in the minds of movie viewers in Kerala. This is also an Investigation thriller in which Jayaram gives a double impact as S.I .Rajan and a Crime Branch Officer. The movie follows the happenings around the investigation of a murder case of Bhadra, a college girl who excelled in her studies as well as in her extra curricular activities. I’ve done the role of Assistant Commissioner of Police who is the boss of S.I Rajan. The movie released on 23rd July 2009
Pramod Pappan
Mammootty, Nayan Thara, Sheela, Rajan P dev, Innocent, Sidhique, Kishor Satya, Beyon, and Achu etc.
Deepu is an Engg College student belonged to a poor village and staying with Sheela as a paying guest along with other two students. Then we three became the gang members of Mammootty and associate with him for his revenge. A throughout character role with Padmasree Mammootty in my second film.
Youth Festival
Jose Thomas
Kishor Satya, Abey Kunjumon, Sidharth, Bahavana, Meenakshi, Salim Kumar, Cochin Haneefa etc.
This is my debut movie and I portrayed the role of an Advt.Film Maker who was obsessed with his model Parvathi. I was the anti-hero of the film.
Director Cast About the serial


Written by Pradeep Panicker and Directed by Praveen Kadakkavoor.

Kishor satya, Richard, Sree Hari, Santosh Kurup, Jaykumar, Sreelatha Nanboothiri, Thara Kalyan, Archana, Premi Vishwanath, Lakshmipriya etc.
‘Karuthamuthu’ is a revolutionary serial attempt by the hit maker team ,Praveen Kadakkavoor and Pradeep Panicker which has being airing on Asianet from October 20- 2014 @10p.m (mon-sat).
The story revolves around Dr.Balachandran (Kishor Satya) and his deglamourised wife Karthika..Dr Balachnadran is a bold and loving character not seen on soap operas usually.

Kadayile Rajakumari

Directed by .K.K.Rajeev and Written By Ganesh Olikkara

Cast: Kishor Satya, Leena Nair, Surabhi, Jhoney, E.A.Rajendran, Mahesh, Gigoy, Shyla Thomas, Sandhya Ramesh, Shyam, Reji, Ram Mohan etc.
About the serial: This is the most prestigious Tele tale telecasting on Mazhavil Manorama from the day when its on air i.e.31st October 2011. Architect Anandhan (Kishor Satya) is leading a harmonious and romantic life with his partner Abhirami (Leena Nair) who is a journalist. Then a mysterious girl, Sona Sreekumar (Surabhi) intrudes into their life and the peaceful life went for turbulence. Ganesh Olikkara is at his best in scripting the serial.
The Officer

Directed by : G.S.Vijayan.
Written by : Written by B.Unnikrishnan

Kishor Satya, P.Sreekumar, Nandu,Sangeetha Mohan, Dhanya Menon, Shelli,Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Anoop, Mahendran,Shaji Vakkanadu etc
(This 175 Episode high quality investigation drama telecasted on Amrita TV from May 2008 to November 2008.)
This crime drama action thriller is centered on a charismatic and intense special investigation officer Alex Thomas .I.P.S and his team of policeman, who go about the tough business of solving high profile crimes in cities and urban areas. The stories and scripts are by the famous film writer B. Unnikrishnan with the thriller directed by famous movie director G.S.Vijayan.
Director : Melilaa Rajasekhar Kishor Satya, Meera Vasudev, P.Sreekumar, Santhosh Kurup, Geedha Salam, Munshi Renjith etc.
Kanalppovu (Mega serial telecasted on Kairaly TV from 26 th February 2007 to 13 th July 2007)
Sudhakaran was a graduate thrown from his house and found a job as a driver with Contractor Karunakaran(P.Sreekumar). The old man keeps Young and beautiful Suhasini (Meera Vasudev) for his career growth. But the public think she's his wife. The story tells the relationship rather contract between Suhasini and Sudhakaran to get rid of their bad fate and to find a colorful tomorrow. This was an unusual story ever told on mini screen.
Directed by : A.M.Nazeer

Written by : Santhosh Eachikkanam
Kishor Satya, Resmi Soman, Seema, Sukumari, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Rizabawa,T.N.Gopa Kumar, T.P.Madhavan, Spadikam George, Sreehari, Dhanya Menon, Boban alummoodan etc.
(My debut Mega serial telecasted on Asianet from 17th October 2005 to 4th October 2006  (Monday to Friday).

The Serial on Asianet went up to 210 episodes. ‘Manthrakodi' portrays the different emotions of Aravind C Menon (Kishor Satya) and his “murappennu” (girl who is customarily a man's bride) Revathy (Resmi Soman) and his wife Meera (Saranya). Manthrakodi helped me to get a place in the heart of Keralite family viewers.
Directed b y : Babu Pisharadi

Story: M T Vasudevan Nair

Script: Nandakumar
Kishor Satya, Madhupal, Sreeja Chndran, M. S. Thripunithura, T R Omana etc.
(A 10 episode teletale telecasted on Amrita TV in 2006)
This is a two page story of Padmabhooshan M T Vasudevan Nair, narrating the miserable life of Sudha (Sreeja Chandran) - a house wife hailing from a village who got married to Prabhakara Menon (Kishor Satya), a Business magnet in Chennai. The story portrays a cross section of today's men who marry business first and give no importance to their wives. ‘Kazhcha' tell you, first live, then money.
Neermathalathinte Pookkal
Director : Sohanlal

Story : Madhavikkutty
Kishor Satya and Praveena

(A tele cinema produced by Amrita TV and telecasted on 5th September 2006)

Neermathalathinte Pookkal, a telefilm based on a short story by Madhavikkutty in her daring and unconventional style featuring only two characters, starring Kishor Satya and Praveena. This Film got plenty of awards and accolades in various departments like direction, acting, photography, art direction etc.

Annayude Lillippokkal
Director :
Anzar Khan
Kishor Satya, Praveena, Baby Gowry and K.K.Rajeev
Annayude Lillippokkal (Tele cinema telecasted on Surya TV on 25 th August 2007)
A beautiful story narrates the mind of a small girl who feels lonely at home as the mother goes for work and told her father stay abroad. One day an uncle came to her life and kills her boredom. But on her birthday she found from an album that the uncle look like her father. This scattered her mind and fall into another status of mind. This film will take you to another world of an illusion. Such a brilliantly made telcinemas are very rare to found.

Mastering Shows
ASIANET TELEVISION AWARDS 2016 was held at Adlux Convention Centre, Angamali on 16th June 2016.
ASIANET TELEVISION AWARDS 2015 was held at Adlux Convention Centre, Angamali on 21st May 2015.
ASIANET TELEVISION AWARDS 2014 Event Was Held at Calicut on Saturday 10 May 2014. I was the master of ceremony for the consecutive second year too.
BIG MUSIC AWARDS was conducted by 92.7 Big FM, which was held at AL SAJ Convention center,on 4th January 2014. Different talents of malayalam film music industry was honoured at the event.
JAIHIND FILM AWARDS 2013( held @ Swapna Nagari,Calicut on 26th May 2013) Jaihind TV honoured eminent Malayalam Film Personalities this year too. This is the only Movie Awards in Kerala where you can see Political and Movie celebrities together. The event was telecasted on Jaihind TV on 22nd&23rd June from 6.30 pm onwards.
ASIANET TELEVISION AWARDS 2013( held at Kottayam on 27th April 2013) Asianet Television Awards 2013 were distributed at a glittering function at Nehru Stadium, Kottayam. The show was witnessed by 20,000 strong crowds. Several prominent persons from the film industry and socio-cultural spheres were present on the occasion. This is the only one prestigious Television Awards in Kerala. Asianet telecasted this event on May 25th , 2013 (Saturday) from 6.30 pm onwards.
SUNDARI NEEYUM SUNDARAN NJANUM, the Reality Show for TV Actors on ASIANET (Telecasted from to 19th May 2013) This was a unique reality show with popular mini screen heroes and heroines as the contestants. The show revealed many unseen talents of these actors other than acting. The effort and team spirit shown by all of them were appreciated very much. Archana Kavi was also the anchor of this programme for some of the initial episodes.
UJALA ASIANET FILM AWARSD 2013(held in Kochi on 20th January 2013.) The 15th Ujala-Asianet Film Awards 2013 were distributed at a glittering function held at Port Trust Stadium, Willington Island Cochin. The show was witnessed by 25,000 strong crowds. Several prominent persons from the film industry and socio-cultural spheres were present on the occasion. Ranjini Haridas and Kishor Satya were the MCs of the event assisted by Vidya Unni, Nasriah and Sarayu. The Mega Show was telecasted on ASIANET on 2nd & 3rd of February 2013.
JAIHIND TV FILM AWARDS 2012 (held in Trivandrum at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium on 12th MAY 2012) This was one of the prestigious film awards held in God’s Own Country this year. Unlike many of its kind, this was done in the most professional way and the telecast of the event was appreciated by many.
WORLD MALAYALEE COUNCIL FILM AWARDS 2011(held in Mumbai on 27th March 2011). Malayalam film stars came together in Mumbai for, an awards ceremony with a difference. World Malayalee Council Film Awards 2011- by WMC Mumbai province. What makes this event even more special is the fact that the Malayalam Film Awards, through its great contribution to the society gives a helping hand to the poor and the helpless. This time the focus is on Free Heart Surgery, preferably for child patients .This was the second consecutive year myself hosting the event. The show was telecasted on KAIRALI TV
AMMA GULF FILM AWARDS 2011(held on 25th November 2011 at Sharjah Cricket Stadium) The AMMA Gulf Film Awards night honouring the best in the Kerala film industry for movies released from January to December 2011. The winners were chosen by an online poll. This is the second year myself hosting the show in the desert. Ranjini Haridas was my co-host for the event.
CHITHRA POURNAMI(15th February 2011) a mega event to celebrate 30 glorious years of KS Chithra in Malayalam music industry.
Musicians, lyricists, directors, producers and fellow singers who have been part and parcel of Chithra’s musical journey attended this grand ceremony. A large number of people thronged the venue to enjoy the musical concert offered by the maestros. The event was aired in ACV channel at 7 pm on February 26th and 27 th 2011. Renjini Haridas was my co-host of the show.
The 13th UJALA-ASIANET FILM AWARDS 2011(was held in Kochi on 9th January)
The event attracted a huge gathering of 25,000 audience including popular South Indian actors, actresses, directors, producers and technicians. The major attraction was the presence of Big B, Amitabh Bachchn .Also Mammootty, Mohanlal, Jayaram; DlipTamil Matinee Idol Vijay etc were honored. Ranjini Haridas and Ranjini Krishna were my co-hosts of the Show. The event was later telecasted on 29th and 30th January2011.
Vanita Ratnam, Amrita TV’s signature programme for mothers is on air now to ink its name into the history books as it signs in, into its 4th successive season. The fourth generation show that established the very concept of a reality show exclusively for women is cast in a new mould so that it very complexion is altered. In contrast to its prequels, Vanita Ratnam-4 does not insist on motherhood as criteria for eligibility; however participants must be married to qualify.
MISS KERALA 2010 (5th August 2010)
Miss Kerala, across the last decade has endeavored to discover, nurture and display beauty and talent among young women of Kerala. The event is open to young women who have origins in the state of Kerala. Testament to its popularity is the fact that we get participants from India and abroad. The Beauty pageant was held at Le Meridian, Kochi on 5th August 2010 and I was the Mater of Ceremony of this prestigious event, this year. The show was telecasted on Asianet TV on 12th September 2010.
This was a mega event program and leading stars of Tamil and Malayalam cinema were taken part. I was fortunate enough to master this event with its noble cause. This Award Night was organized to raise funds for their Project HRIDAYARAGAM and WMC have planned to have an orphanage home for rehabilitation of H I V affected children. Padmasree Kaml Hassan the Brand Ambassador for this project. The Event was taken place at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai on 18th April 2020 and it was later telecasted on kairaly TV on
Mathrubhumi Amrita Film Awards (MAFA),
Presented Mathrubhumi Amrita Film Awards (MAFA), the magnificent awards cum entertainment extravaganza that reeled out to packed crowds at the Marine Drive, Cochin on 9th and 10th of January 2010.

Designed to honour outstanding achievers in Malayalam Cinema, MAFA the first film awards in the calendar year 2010 ,has stepped beyond State boundaries, to recognize excellent performers in the Tamil and Hindi film industries as well this year. The was the first awards event in India to be spread over 2 successive days.
The Annual Malayalam Movie awards – AMMA is a popular film awards happening in the gulf region. The awards are identified by public voting. The third AMMAGULF Awards were declared and distributed at Cricket Stadium, Sharjah on 6th November 2009 witnessing more than 30,000 film lovers. The Show was co-hosted by Ranjini Haridas.
Vanita Ratnam 2 (telecasted on Amrita TV from 31st March 2008 to 15th August 2008)
After the grand success of the first Vanta Ratnam the channel has taken initiative to push more mothers to the arena wherein they can get polished their forgotten talents.

Vanita Ratnam (Telecasted on Amrita TV from17th April to 16 th July 2008)
This is the first Reality Show for mothers on Malayalam Television which aimed at showcasing the potential of Malayali women. Vanita Ratnam' has been the harbinger of change in the lives of many of the contestants and it has also been a catalyst for motivating hundreds of women in different walks of life in Kerala.
Presented 3rd Amrita Film Awards on 5 th May 2007 at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Trivandrum.
I was the Master of Ceremony for Asianet Ujala Film awards 2005 on March 19, 2006 at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Trivandrum. My deputies were Arya and Alakananda.